Nitro Cup Update!

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2018 US World Nitro Cup UPDATE!


The 2018 US World Nitro Cup is less than 2 weeks away! From the entire staff at Full Throttle Raceway we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Below you will find the updated entry list from Facebook. If you do not see your name, please contact George immediately so we can account for you on registration and pit space! We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Entry List As Of November 15th, 2018:

  • Sedan 44 16 spots left
    Dario Balestri Infinity Factory Driver
    Jilles Groskamp Infinity Factory Driver
    Andy Moore Infinity Factory Driver
    Teemu Lino Infinity Factory Driver
    Ralph Burch Serpent Factory Driver
    Drew Ellis Pro Level RcAmerica Factory Driver
    Tom Esposito
    Lazaro Alonso
    Paolo Morganti Capricorn Factory Driver
    Nick Alteri
    Melvin Aulston Wallace Motorsports Factory Driver
    Diatta Collymoore Wallace Motorsports Factory Driver
    Steve Pendregraph FullThrottleRcRaceway
    Eddie Colon
    Uriah Murnan Murnan Modified Motors
    Troy Perry
    Ben Wallace Wallace Motorsports
    Raffael Angulo
    Frank Vega
    Jaun Aguirre
    Eric Diaz
    Miguel Daumont
    Franco Desiderio Homestead RC1
    Will Carrera
    Thomas Nichlson
    Mike Woodward
    Shawn Davis
    Marcos Moten
    Bobby Horan
    Romell Whittaker
    Tino Hall
    Scawn Schmidt
    jermain Hayes
    Jerry Guerra
    Ricardo Garri
    Felix Ortiz
    Ron Taylor
    Maximus Decius
    Sean Kong-Quee
    Eduardo Cabal Desoto Racing
    Johnathen Nunez
    Tommy Desantis
    Franco Machado
    Pooh White
  • 1/8 & Masters 57 13 spots left
    Alberto Picco Infinity Factory Driver Picco Motors
    Jesse Davis Defending 1/8 Open Champion Infinity Factory Driver
    Lamberto Collari Pending Infinity Factory Driver
    Marco Vanni Shepherd Italy
    Alain Levy
    Brett Parker
    Dan Louis
    Paolo Morganti Capricorn Factory Driver RcTarget
    Nicola Marrone Hot Race Tires Infinity Factory Driver
    Carmine Railo Infinity Factory Driver
    Ralph Burch Serpent Factory Driver
    Tim Vogels
    John lenaers
    Gianni Giorgio
    Hector Lopez
    Dwight Smith
    Melvin Aulston Wallace Motorsports
    Ben Wallace Wallace Motorsports
    Rich Daly
    Phil Cring
    Tom Boyles
    David Boyle’s
    Kenny Ives
    Frank Sosebee
    george Martinez
    Walo Walker
    Ted Carrington
    Jose Sanchez
    Fernando Alvarez
    Robert Herrera
    Jason Conley
    Bill McLean
    Jim Rice
    Victor Green
    Greg Esser Nuggets Ranch Raceway Shepherd USA
    Tod Roman
    Danny Valentin
    Alex Lopez Infinity Ulti Factory Pitman
    Cristian Lopez Infinity Ulti Factory Driver
    Dj Apolaro Capricorn Italy Factory Driver
    courtney Townend
    Daryl Jones
    Daniel Michel
    Troy Woodson
    Joaguin Desoto Serpent Desoto Racing
    Chuck Moon Defending Masters Champion
    Peter Breton
    Mike Strack
    Pooh White
    Serpenet Driver TBA
    Roniel Regalado
    Chris Verrano Wallace WRC
    Vincent Jackson Wallace WRC
  • Gt8 10 10 spots left
    Rino Lino
    Howard Stamen
    Tim Caporal
    Marlon Chancellor
    Angel Santiago
    Massimo Fabiano
    Samuel Zayas
    Hector Montaner
    Sebastian Prigue
    Avery Pierce
  • Pan Car
    Phil Cring
    Tom Boyles
    5 WRC

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